Vision: PPUC will be the most professional utility corporation in providing reliable, economical, sustainable and quality services for its customers Mission: To provide essential utility services to foster growth, economic development and improved quality of life for the people

As part of PCC’s Educational Talent Search Program, 8th graders from Peleliu Elementary School visited Ngerikiil water source on April 29, 2022. The Ngerikiil river along with Ngerimel dam are the two main water sources for Koror and Airai. Water from these two sources is treated at the Koror-Airai Water Treatment Plant in Ngeruluobel before being distributed to almost 5,000 residences in Koror and Airai.

PPUC’s water plant operator Roger Salle gave the students a brief tour of the water source to include daily operations such as water level and pump monitoring. In addition, he explained the process from which water from the sources is sent through pipes to the Water Treatment Plant for treatment prior to being distributed to the community for everyday use. Water in Koror and Airai meet safe drinking water quality standards.

Mesulang to PCC Educational Talent Search Program for coordinating this activity for the students, a great learning opportunity for them.

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