A signing ceremony was held in Peleliu state on June 29, 2021 to convey approximately 14,783 square meters of land consisting of 45 lots to Peleliu State Public Land Authority (PSPLA) from Palau Public Land Authority (PPLA).

The land being claimed consist of filled up land and taro patches in Ngerchol and Ngerdelolk hamlets, an area known as Yamane, Peleliu.

Peleliu State had made a formal request a year ago for the return of these lots. During the year after the request was filed, both PSLA and PPLA worked together to finalize their plans and to find alternatives for the people using some parts of the land. After finalizing the claim, the state of Peleliu will proceed with the plans to build a solar panel farm to solarize the power generation system in Peleliu.

Locals using the land for their taro patch farms are granted a period of two years according to the quit claim deed to relocate elsewhere.

“I would like to thank Palau Public Land Authority for their swift work in giving out these claims so that we can move forward in our project to solarize the State of Peleliu” said Governor of Peleliu State Temmy Shmull.

President Surangel Whipps Jr. along with his committee, Governor Florencio Adelbai Chairman of Public Land Authority, Governor Temmy Schmull, Chiefs of Peleliu, Board of both PPLA and PSPLA, were present at the signing of the quitclaim deed.

President Surangel Whipps Jr. thanked PPLA for working with PSPLA to help Peleliu move forward with their project to build solar panel farm system in the State of Peleliu.

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