No immediate response by MLE due to engine trouble

By: L.N. Reklai

July 15, 2016 (Palau) Philippine banka boats (mother boat with approx. 20 small boats and crew of 25 pax) were seen fishing on the reefs of Sonsorol and Fana last Friday (July 15th).  Local fishermen called in that day to Marine Law Enforcement reporting the illegal fishing activities.


The local fishermen that saw these boats said that they were fully loaded with fish.  They assumed that a larger fleet must be nearby to receive the load. The report said that to date, no response has been made by the Marine Law Enforcement.

The Chief Thomas Tutii of Marine Law Enforcement confirmed on a phone interview yesterday that they did receive the report on the 15th of the month regarding the illegal fishing boats. “Unfortunately we had an engine trouble and we have been working hard to repair it so that we can get out there,” stated Chief Tutii.

According to reports, PSS President H.I. Remeliik has just returned from its biennial slipping in Cebu, Philippines. The maintenance was funded by Australia and is expected to go to its next biennial in 2018, until replacement vessel from Australia is received. [/restrict]