The Palau High School (PHS) class of 1984 awarded scholarships to graduates of the PHS Class of 2019 this year.

The class representatives expressed their objective to award this scholarship on a yearly basis beginning this year. They plan to disburse $1,000 worth of scholarships to Palau High School scholars and do this with contributions from their class alumni.

The criteria for selection are to award a $500 scholarship to the top female and male students of the graduating class. As this is the first year of the award, the Class of ’84 decided to award not two, but four students.

These four students all received a 4.0 cumulative average grade, and the donors felt it was appropriate to award the scholarship money in this manner, as they all met the criteria for selection.

The four student awardees included Camille Parinas, Shuri Kelly Chibana, Ikelau Lorinda Uro, and Keilan Tedil Kenny. Witnessing the award ceremony were Minister of Education Sinton Soalablai, and Palau High School Principal Smyth Rdang.

The Class of 1984 alumni are thrilled that this year’s graduates held their commencement ceremony at Asahi Ball Field, as that is where 157 students of the 1984 batch graduated 35 years ago. The Class of 1984 to-date, has the greatest number of graduates in the history of PHS.

The class representatives noted that their graduating class wore graduation gowns reflecting the official Palau High School colors of that time, which were red and white. They further noted that their year was the last year where students wore white shirts and blue pants/skirts at PHS.

The Class of 1984 was represented at the awarding by Sally Techitong-Soalablai, Twilla Ysaol, and Haymin Rdechor. (PR)