Palau High School class of 2022 received an earful of sage advice from their special guest speaker, former President Tommy E. Remengesau Jr., as they marked the end of their high school years on a high note.

“Let imagination be the driving force towards our limitless future,” reads the 2022 Graduating Class AIM. 

“The future is what you make.  It’s you, individually, that imagines and makes it happen,” You have to imagine, you have to dream, you have to have a plan…no one else can do it for you but you!” said former President Remengesau to the Class of 2022. “What happens today determines and shapes tomorrow.”

Urging the students to be proud of who they are, as Palauans, Remengesau said that the Palauan culture of respect, and the extended family support system “gives us a quality of life” to be proud of.

The 104 graduating seniors had chosen former President Remengesau Jr. as their keynote speaker noting the qualities that led to their decision to invite him as their keynote speaker.  2022 Class Salutatorian Miss Adiva Kerdeu Udui, introducing the 2022 Class keynote speaker said that they chose him because he was a humble man, an epitome of a Palauan.

PHS Class of 2022 Valedictorian Miss R-Jane Idub Skebong delivered the valedictory address recognizing those that contributed to their class’s successful journey.

“Don’t stop here.  Don’t let any failures get you down.  Pick yourself up and move on!,” advised former president and chief Madrengebuked Remengesau Jr.

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