Palau High School (PHS) students of World History classes took two separate trips to the Rock Islands to explore and learn of the past events that occurred in Palau.

The first trip was the usual hike in Rois Remdiu where World War II remnants used by the Japanese are still visible around the area.

Rusty guns, tins, and metal container are seen on site including one of the two largest canons used by the Japanese in the Western Caroline side of the Pacific during WWII.

The second main stop was in Ulong Island where the first written history of Palau began during the time of Captain Wilson.

Ulong was the place where Captain Wilson’s ship, Antelope, was reconstructed after being shipwrecked along the reefs.  Moreover, the traditional village in Ulong which was recently restored by dedicated staff of Koror State was also an integral part of the tour.

Students not only learnt about the cultural importance of the place but were also introduced to a more in-depth interpretation of one of the famous men war dance called Terepkul as well as a famous chant delivered on sight by Mr. Phedias Brel.

A special impromptu chant was also performed by Shade Dolmers, a bold student who participated in one of Koror State’s summer cultural program.

The study excursions took place on April 6 and April 13, 2018.

Principal Smyth Rdang of Palau High School along with the World History class teacher and students extend their utmost gratitude to Governor Franco Gibbons and his capable team for his support and making the field trips meaningful.  Another message of appreciation is conveyed to the Ministry of Education for the favorable support in permitting such trips.

Lastly, the following are key individuals worth mentioning who definitely added so much value to these field trips from the State Government of Koror’s Cultural Division:  Mr. Phedias Brel, Ray D. Isao, Jason T. Timulch, and KSG Rangers:  Jeraldes Leon, Casper Meltel, Allan Anderson, Keanges Bai along with all boat operators. (PR)

Photos below of the 1st and 2nd rock island field tri

p taken at the Captain Wilson Monument in Ulong Island.