Palau High School’s world history class has continued to work closely with Koror State Government’s Department of Conservation & Law Enforcement and Department of State & Cultural Affairs in organizing its bi-annual field study to the Rock Islands.  [restrict[ This semester, the two history classes had separate field trips with similar routes on Fridays, 31 March and 07 April 2017.  The students first went to Rois Remdiu where the war remnants and other ancient articles used during the Japanese colonial period are still in place.  The other stop was Ulong to visit the traditional village that was restored last year by the hardworking and dedicated staff of Koror State.  Ulong is also where Captain Wilson’s boat “Antelope” was rebuilt prior to its return to England.  The students also had the opportunity to learn about the inscription of Rock Islands Southern Lagoon as a World Heritage Site from representatives of Koror State Government.

Study excursions as such have proven effective and meaningful as they enhance students learning by connecting what’s being learnt in class to the sites visited.  In addition, ever since the first study tour began in Spring 2016, there is always at least one student who turns out to be a first time rock island visitor.

Principal Smyth Rdang and the accompanying PHS support staff together with the students in both history classes would like to take this opportunity to humbly convey their utmost gratitude and blessings to the Honorable Governor Yositaka Adachi of Koror State and his able and dedicated team for their tireless efforts not only in sustaining Palau’s pristine rock islands but more so in continuing to support the school and its student programs.  The value of the work done is greatly needed and appreciated for the future generations to come.  Kom kmal mesulang a rechad er a Oreor ma rechad er a ureor er a amt er a beluu er a Oreor. God bless Koror State, God bless the Republic of Palau! [/restrict]