The Koror State Government Solid Waste Management Office donated bags of compost and seedlings to Palau High School on August 13, for part of an agricultural project aimed at teaching students to become self-reliant in food security.

The Natural Resource Academy students at PHS and their teachers expressed their gratitude for the donated supplies, which included 2 large bags of organic compost and 72 seedlings of pechay—locally known as “nappa”.

The Koror State Government has offered continual support to PHS, which, with an enrollment of 547 students, is Palau’s largest high school. Koror State Governor Franco Gibbons’ recent contributions to the school include the construction of the new student bus-stop, located in front of the PHS Multi-Purpose Building.

The KSG Urban Growers Project promotes food security, sustainability of recycling project, and livelihood of all residents in Koror. 

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