The Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) is partnering with the Ministry of Education to launch a new series of educational school programs. The programs, which include laboratory experiments, researcher presentations and educational aquarium tours, leverage PICRC’s scientific resources to bring students’ science curriculum to life.

PICRC’s Outreach & Education staff devised the school programs, which range from individual hour-long lessons to whole-day experiences, to complement the Ministry of Education’s science curriculum and illustrate classroom topics through experiential activities. Programs can accommodate K-12 students of all ages.

“The Palau Aquarium and PICRC’s lab facilities are powerful tools for hands-on learning” said Dr. Yimnang Golbuu, PICRC’s CEO. “Encounters with our live animals and experiments in our labs can help students meaningfully connect with science outside of their normal school setting.”

Last week, PICRC’s Education and Outreach team met with the Director of the Bureau of Curriculum & Instruction, Hasinta Ida Rekoi-Kilcullen, along with Magaria Tellei, Chief of Division of Curriculum Instruction Material Development and Debbie Nagata, Education Specialist with the Division of Curriculum Instruction Material Development to review PICRC’s curriculum. Director Kilcullen and her team will be working closely with PICRC to implement the programs in the next academic quarter.

The school programs, which are based on Ministry of Education standards, cover topics ranging from introductions to Palau’s wildlife to advanced lessons on ocean acidification, plastic pollution, and ecological monitoring based on PICRC’s real-world research. Teachers can explore these lessons in PICRC’s new student lab, or invite PICRC’s Education and Outreach team to lead activities in the classroom.

 “Ultimately,” continued Dr. Golbuu “we hope that our partnership with the Ministry of Education will nurture our students’ love for science, and help to build lifelong connections to the ocean.”

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