On November 17, 2020, two sophomore students from Palau High School (PHS) conducted their Job Shadow at the Palau Aquarium. Both Kara Mayeux Vereen and Almira M. Ichikawa chose to spend their one-day (6 hours) career exploration with Aquarist McGee Merep to observe and learn about the aquarists’ daily work routine.

Their Job Shadow includes observing, interviewing, and completing their Job Shadow Guidebook, which was provided by the school for completion, based on their experience here at the Aquarium.
The Job Shadow program is a work-based activity from PHS that supports students and accommodates them in their field of interest. It is a one-day career exploration where students observe a typical day of a career host to learn more about it. This activity is required for the Career Development II (CDII) Class for 10th grade at PHS.
PICRC is happy to continue hosting students for Job Shadow every year to help motivate them in the marine environment field. PICRC hopes to guide them in their field of interest, while inspiring them into becoming advocates for conservation.

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