Over the past eight weeks, Ms. Jenelle Blesam has been working at Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) as an intern under the mentorship of Communications and Outreach Officer Ms. Anna Parker.

Ms. Blesam, a senior at the University of Hawaii – Hilo, majors in Communications and Educational Studies.

During her time at PICRC, Ms. Blesam was assigned a project to create a short film documenting the 2018 summer internship program.  She also assisted in education activities and assisted researchers with field work.

Ms. Blesam was responsible for the entirety of the documentary; from organizing the script, interviewing and filming interns, to finalizing the film. Through her summer internship project, Ms. Blesam gained insight into the work that is being conducted at PICRC and learned what exactly is involved in effective communication.

Jenelle’s contribution in communicating the work of the interns contributed to a successful internship program.  Based on her experience as an intern at PICRC, Jenelle is now thinking of a career in environmental conservation.

The film has been finalized and is now available for public viewing. This video can be found on the PICRC Facebook Page. For more information on the video, please contact Ms. Anna Parker or Ms. Ines Kintoki at 488-6950 or via email to aparker@picrc.org or ikintoki@picrc.org. (PR)