Staffs of Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC), Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and the Environment (MAFE), and Airai State PAN Office attended the mangrove training in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. This training was organized by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) as part of a three-year joint coastal ecosystem management project of JICA and PICRC.


The training was held for two weeks from October 14th to 30th on Iriomote Island, a remote island located in the southwest of Japan. The island is a World Natural Heritage site- well known for its outstanding Mangrove ecosystem. Five Palauan trainees, Mr. Victor Nestor, Mr. Masasinge Tellei Hideos, Mr. Leevan Manuel (PICRC), Mr. Skyler Ruben (MAFE), and Mr. Victor Tyson Philip (Airai State PAN Office), learned the knowledge and skills necessary for the management of mangrove ecosystems.


The training consisted of lectures and practical training conducted by experts on different topics organized by the International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems (ISME). Topics included global status of mangrove, flora and fauna, chemical and physical characteristics, carbon accumulation capacity, disaster prevention function, and survey methodology. During the training, trainees also visited Iriomote Wildlife Conservation Center (IWCC), the largest mangrove forest along Nakama River, and experience an eco-tour expedition to the largest waterfall – Pinaisara Waterfall,  along Hinai River.

At the end of the training, each trainee formulated an action plan for mangrove management in Palau, based on their organization using the information and practical experience they gained from the training. The trainees will utilize the knowledge and skills they learned to contribute to mangrove management in Palau.

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