On March 23, 2022, the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) signed a contract with Palau Conservation Society (PCS) to implement a fisheries management plan in Koror State. PCS will take the lead on the Fisheries Management Project that will be created and implemented with local Koror State Fishers and Koror State Department of Conservation & Law Enforcement.

PICRC will support this project through research and monitoring of important fisheries species in Koror State waters.  The research will help guide management decisions by Koror State and provide important information on the fisheries resource conditions and how they are changing over time in response to active fisheries management by Koror State.

The work by PCS and PICRC to support fisheries management in Koror State is being enabled by the Resilience Reef Initiative (RRI), which is a global initiative to support World Heritage-listed coral reef sites and the communities that depend on them to survive, adapt and recover from climate change and local threats.

In addition to supporting the fisheries management in Koror State, RRI is also working with PICRC and other relevant local partners to support Koror State Government to design and deliver integrated solutions that build the resilience of coral reefs and the communities that depend on the reefs. RRI’s partnership in Palau will ramp up in 2022 and will include bringing on board a new Chief Resilience Officer and work on an integrated resilience strategy.  The strategy development, design and delivery of actions, will provide many opportunities for the different stakeholders to contribute and provide input.

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