At the end of January, staff from the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) travelled to Belau Modekngei School (BMS) in Ngatpang State to make a special presentation about Palau’s diverse marine environments. Taught by PICRC researcher Ikelau Otto, the lesson focused on different habitats and the animals in them, ranging from mangroves, to coral reefs, all the way out to the pelagic ocean.
The presentation was made to students in the BMS Fisheries Class, which is taught to male students at the school when they reach junior year. While the main focus of the class is teaching fishing from the Palauan perspective, the PICRC presentation may also help them understand some of the ways that the ocean functions from a scientific perspective. Combining both scientific and traditional knowledge in young fishermen will hopefully encourage sustainable practices in fishing and good stewardship of natural resources.
PICRC is dedicated to providing quality education about Palau’s marine environment, and would like to thank BMS, and its students and teachers, for the opportunity to speak about such important topics. PICRC welcomes any invitation to speak to audiences of all ages and backgrounds, to explore together the best ways to care for and protect Palau’s sea life and ecosystems.

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