I’m amazed at how God made our brain.  It is the most amazing and wonderful 3 pound engine in the world.  With your brain, you can destroy New York City and build it up again in less than 15 seconds.  You can remove Ngerchebal and place it back again in less than five seconds.

Your brain is plastic.

Brain plasticity (from the Greek word ‘plastos’ meaning molded) refers to the extraordinary ability of the brain to modify its own structure and function following changes within the body or in the external environment.  (RON D. FROSTIG, UC Irvine, California).  It is how children learn… their mind is still supple ready to learn and change their behavior so fast. Is it any wonder that Jesus said that to enter the kingdom of God we must be like children?

Children learn fast. They adapt so quickly.  They know how to set up our iPhone, it’s mind boggling.  To be born from above is to regenerate, to start again and begin your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.  Nice. Huh?

The identity center of the brain aka prefrontal cortex is so important to help you change and allow transformation of your thought life. When you know who you are, you’re free to be you.  In theological term, it’s called”sanctification”.  There are two kinds of sanctification:  Instant sanctification (When you choose to believe in Christ) and Progressive sanctification (a lifelong process (maturity) that will be completed at death).  We never arrive so we give ourselves space to be redeemed and restored by His grace.  It’s never done in one day.

People have gone through one or more trauma in their life by the time they’re 25 years old. It’s also been researched that those who have some devastating disorders are associated with the loss of plasticity.  Seems they can’t change. I was listening to H.G. TUDOR (A British famous narcissist) on YouTube and he explained, (I’m paraphrasing) that narcissist (a personality disorder) believe they are never wrong.  Make sense to me. I’m sure you know someone like that.

I have had traumas in my life. Understanding traumas and their affects in the brain I began to pray for my brain. I asked God to renewing my mind to accept my identity in Christ Jesus (prefrontal cortex).  You belong to His Kingdom.  And Jesus please heal my memories (hippocampus). God doesn’t  change history.  He sanctified  them. Meaning He was there when you were traumatized just as he was with Moses in a basket and later was taken away from his mother at the end of weaning period to the palace and when David was left alone in the wilderness taking care of his father’s sheep. Please God take away my fears of being left alone and rejected (amygdala) and heal my toxic shame because of damaged emotions.

Spirit of the living God fall afresh on me. Melt me, mold me, fill me, use me.  Fill me to the brim with your love and let it overflow to my enemies.  Help me  Jesus, to love like you do. Thank you.

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