Airai, Palau.  Palau National Telecommunications Corporation (PNCC) will be shutting down the internet dial up services it introduced twenty years ago in 1997.  


Today with many faster and more efficient ways to access the internet including DSL/ADSL, Wifi hotspots, HomeNet and 3G mobile data, the aging Dial-Up Service is no longer needed.

According to PNCC press release, “in preparation for the international fiber optic cable connectivity, PNCC is upgrading the core network that supports Internet services, and during this process the equipment that supports dial-up services will be retired, effective July 31, 2017.”

PNCC customers do not need to do anything to deactivate their PNCC dial-up service.  All current PalauNet customers may continue to use their account user ID for HomeNet and Wi-Fi access, and all PalauNet email addresses will be maintained.  The only change will be the discontinuation of dial-up access.

The few remaining PalauNet customers who are still logging into dial-up service will be contacted soon by PNCC staff to assist them to convert to new, faster internet access options. [/restrict]