New telecom equipment installed in Ngchesar, Ngatpang, Ibobang, Melekeok, and Ngiwal

Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) is pleased to announce that state-of-the-art telecom switching equipment has recently been installed in Ngchesar, Ngatpang, Ibobang, Ngiwal and Melekeok (Bai Lechesau), as part of PNCC’s ongoing national network conversion from analog to digital IP-based services.  Kayangel and Angaur were upgraded with the same type of IP switches earlier this year.


Palau’s new IP(Internet Protocol)-based national telecommunications system, together with the planned international fiber optic cable connectivity, will provide the capacity to transport all information and services faster and more efficiently on one network (voice, data, and video via Internet, mobile and fixed line).

This “Next Generation Network” (NGN) multi-service platform will enable PNCC to offer the most up-to-date telecommunications products at affordable rates to the residents and businesses of Palau, as well as services that are popular with tourists.  NGN networks provide better quality, more stable and secure telecom services.

The next areas scheduled for switch upgrades are Ngerulmud, Ngaraard and Ngarchelong.  PNCC will continue to update the public when the new telecom switching equipment is installed in other locations during the coming months.  Due to this on-going improvement work, temporary service disruptions may be experienced in some areas.  PNCC requests your understanding and patience. [/restrict]