The Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) has committed to funding a $4,000 annual scholarship program supporting 2nd year students at Palau Community College (PCC) who are planning to enter the workforce in Palau.
The scholarship is designed to support students who are majoring in applied science fields such as electronics, business accounting, information technology, construction, office administration, air conditioning and refrigeration, and tourism and hospitality.
The agreement was signed by Dr. Patrick Tellei, Director of PCC, and Leo Ben Teriong, PNCC Chief Executive Officer, on Wednesday, October 7.
The scholarship will be awarded every year to four students who are preparing to graduate with an Associate of Applied Science degree or an Associate of Science degree, and is based on financial need.
Dr. Tellei said that the scholarship program is a much-needed step in drawing Palauan students to use their skills in Palau, rather than abroad.
“I think this is PNCC ‘walking the talk’,” said Dr. Tellei. “Unless actions such as what we’re doing today are taken, we’ll never be able to stem the tide of out-migration of young Palauans.”
Students who receive the scholarship will also be offered a three-month paid internship with PNCC following graduation, and may be offered a 2-year contract with the company following the internship.
Dr. Tellei said that the program will give students at PCC the chance to “get their feet wet” in a profession, and that hopefully they will pursue a profession within the company.
PNCC has historically played a role in the college’s development, most recently in linking PCC to San Diego State University through online connection which allows for distance learning. San Diego State University has helped to establish PCC’s Bachelor of Arts for Liberal Studies program for elementary and secondary educators, as well as its Master’s program for education and human services professionals, much of which is done through remote learning.
Dr. Tellei also noted that many former PCC staff are currently working at PNCC.
“The fact that they’re just moving within our nation, I think is a testament to . . . what we’re collectively doing to make our nation stronger,” he said.

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