TOKYO, 17 MAY 2018 (POST COURIER)— Papua New Guinea has been placed 10th out of 20 in the World Risk report under Japan’s Report on Climate Change and Fragility in the Asia-Pacific.

Vanuatu and Tonga are placed first and second among climate change risk areas.

But Japan’s director of climate change Tomoaki Ishigaki said this was only a precaution and should not be seen as an alarming report to cause panic.

According to the World Risk Report 2016, which was an evaluation of the possibility of natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, floods, drought and rising sea levels affecting 171 countries all over the world and their ability to cope with these disasters, Vanuatu, a Pacific island country, was evaluated as the country that was the most vulnerable to disasters.

The evaluation was undertaken by research teams including the United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security.

In addition, Pacific Island countries ranked in many of the top positions, with Tonga in second place, Solomon Islands in sixth place and Papua New Guinea in tenth place.

“This is inputted from our researchers and research organisations in Japan,” he said.

“This is Japan’s Report on Climate Change and Fragility in the Asia-Pacific region with considerable economic and demographic growth.

“A number of countries are susceptible to natural disasters and potential for higher fragility due to climate change,” Ishigaki said.

The PALM 8th Summit will address this issue that its report carried out in 2016 and made official early this year…..PACNEWS