From left to right, back row: Emerson Nobuo, Chief of DMLE; Melson Miko, Director of Youth, Applied Arts, and Career; Nick Ngwal, Executive Director of PNMS; Klouldil Singeo, Director of Ageing, Gender, and Disability; Ashley Omelau, local fishermen; Yvonne Ueda, Fisheries Project Manager of TNC; Meo Tomei, Administrative Assistant of the Bureau of Youth, Applied Arts, and Career; Jerry Nabeyama, Project Coordinator of PNMSFrom left to right, front row: Sandra Matsuda, Administrative Assistant of PNMS; Elsei Tellei, Community Outreach and Education Officer of PNMS. (Contributed Photo)

The Palau National Marine Sanctuary Office, in partnership with the Division of Marine Law Enforcement (DMLE), donated 200 pounds of tuna, caught by local fisherman and his partners to the Old Age Center.

This was in honour of Tuna Day on May 2nd and Senior Citizens’ Day on May 5 and the Tuna was caught by Ashley Omelau. The donated Tuna will be used by the Old Age Center for their Senior Citizens’ Day celebration on Monday.

PNMS Executive Director Nick Ngwal and Chief of Marine Law Emerson Nobuo presented the fish to Director Klouldil Singeo of the Bureau of Gender, Disability, and Ageing and Director Melson Miko of the Bureau of Youth, Career, and Applied Arts, at the Melusech Melachel dock in Malakal on Wednesday. (PR)