Koror, Palau – The Palau National Olympic Committee wishes all the best to Ms. Isabel Goodall as she embarks on her educational journey to the University of Guam this week. With her tenure at the Palau NOC Office, Isabel played a significant role, in ensuring all National Sports Federations meet all the compliant requirements as an existing sports organization in Palau, at the regional level, and at the international levels’ entities. She also contributed well to the administration and finance daily operations and management at the NOC Office. Her work contributed to the good standing of the national sports federations and the NOC. The NOC will miss Isabel and bids her farewell with best wishes in her endeavors as she pursues higher education at the University of Guam.

As we bid farewell to Isabel, the Palau NOC welcomes Mr. Yoshiaki Arai to the NOC team. Yoshi, a JICA program volunteer from Japan, joins the NOC in supporting and working with baseball programs and development.  Yoshi has an extensive background in baseball. With a wealth of experience in the sport, Yoshi is ready and enthusiastic to collaborate with the Palau Baseball Federation to add value and work with baseball development programs. His expertise will extend to assisting teams and clubs in the baseball community, aiming for their continued success.

Yoshi’s mission in Palau is set for a duration of two years. During this time, he will collaborate closely with local baseball in community and in schools to enhance skill development, foster teamwork, and advance the overall quality of the sport within the nation. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact he will undoubtedly make during his tenure.

The Palau NOC extends appreciation to the JICA Office for their partnership with sports development in Palau. The addition of Yoshi to Palau programs, and baseball support will help with our preparation and participation in future baseball events, especially toward our preparation for the 2025 Mini Pacific Games here in Palau. Welcome Yoshi and bon voyage Isabel.

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