Palau continues to work towards providing opportunities to Palauan college students studying abroad, to explore the possibility of pursuing a career in Palau after they graduate. Through the Palau Fellowship Award (internship), which is an award administered by the Palau National Scholarship Board, college students pursuing their education outside of Palau are able to return home and gain work experience in a workplace related to their chosen field of study.
PNSB confirms the participation of 14 college students and recent college graduates for this summer 2022 internship program. Among the 14 summer interns, two are spring 2022 graduates while the remaining twelve interns still need to complete their senior year in college. The recipients of the PFA will be completing an 8–week paid internship experience with various government and other local agencies here in Palau. One intern, in particular, will be completing his internship with the Embassy of the Republic of Palau to the Republic of China, Taiwan located in Taipei, Taiwan.
The following is a list of all interns for this summer 2022 internship program. They will all be undergoing orientation to get familiarized with the program, before being placed at their respective internship site.

Through the PFA internship program, which is going on its 10th year, it is anticipated that these college students and recent graduates will be able to gain firsthand experience and establish networks to help them with their transition from graduating college and into the working field in Palau.
For more information on the Palau Fellowship Award, you may contact the Student Network Specialist, Ms. Morisang Udui at the Palau National Scholarship Office at (680) 488 – 3608 or visit

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