Photo: L-R Crane Moses, Meangeldil Azuma-Malsol, Klumch Tangelbad, Kristen Udui, B. OJ Tumechub, and Sen. Frank Kyota

The PNSB is happy to welcome 8 successful interns back home to start their employment with Palau National Government, NGOs and private agencies. These interns have all completed their college degrees in various colleges and universities abroad. As a result, they have  duly complied with their promise to receive PNSB financial assistance and return home to begin their chosen careers in helping with Palau’s development as a young nation.

Despite the Covid-19 Pandemic, these 8 interns endured long and difficult travel requirements to reach home in time for their summer internship beginning in July – August 2020. Many of them experienced loneliness and uncertainties as they made their way home. However, they are all happy now to be home with their families. Below are some information about these hard-working and resilient individual students who have completed their college degrees and now part of Palau’s national capacity building:

  1. Azuma-Malsol, Meangeldil A. (BS, Biology-Hired by Palau Conservation Society)
  2. Baiei, Clinton R. (BA, Pastoral Ministries-Hired by Omkullel a Biblia er Belau)
  3. Chin, Shunrang (BS, Health Admin/Business- Hired by Ministry of Health)
  4. Moses, Crane B. (BA, Communication Studies-Hired by Palau Community College)
  5. Tangelbad, Klumch (BS, Finance and Accounting-Hired by Asian Development Bank)
  6. Techitong, Shandle M. (BM, Info Tech-Hired by Bu. of Mar Sec & Fish and Wild Protection)

7.   Tumechub, Bailechesel OJ (BS, Counseling & Hum Serv-Hired by Div. of Behav Health, MOH)

8.   Udui, Kristen T. (BA, Journalism and Mass Comm-Hired by Palau Pledge Program/PNMS)

PNSB appreciates the partnership with various government and private agencies in hosting these college and university graduates twice a year for their internship as we continue our effort to bring home highly qualified Palauan college graduates to join Palau’s future workforce. For more information regarding the PNSB Palau Fellowship Award (Internship Program) for Palauan college and university seniors and or how Palau agencies can participate, you may contact Noe Yalap, Student Network Specialist at tel. 488-3608 or email

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