Director of Public Safety Cary Levitre

Director of Public Safety Cary Levitre unexpectedly announced his resignation as Director of Public Safety during the budget hearing for the Ministry of Justice conducted by the Senate Ways & Means Committee yesterday.  Mr. Levitre has only been in office for a little over three (3) months.  He was hired in March and sworn in on April 19, 2023.

It was reported that Mr. Levitre was departing to the US for medical treatment earlier this week, but it was not clear whether he would be returning after treatment or leaving for good.  Sources from the Bureau of Public Safety said that he was leaving for good, but as of Thursday morning, he had not submitted a resignation letter but made his announcement Thursday afternoon during the budget hearing.

Mr. Levitre’s abrupt departure leaves a lot of questions unanswered, including the questions raised about his credentials.  He had avoided interviews with the media citing a heavily packed schedule during the 3 months in office, yet during that 3 months, he had appeared on Eco Paradise Radio/TV show, a government radio for an interview with Vice President Uduch Sengebau-Senior and on Dotaut, a talk show dubbed as “business entrepreneurship” program with Irene Olkeriil.

A number of attempts to set up an interview with Director Levitre to get updates on the Division of Corrections, the status of the drug problem in Palau, the K9 program update, details of his 60-day and 90-day plans, and other important information relating to public safety were unsuccessful.  The response received by this publication was that he did not have time for an interview. With him out, who will be responsible for the officers who tested positive for controlled substances? 

Meanwhile, further research into his background raised more questions than answers.  In his resume, Mr. Levitre said he conducted K9 physical security patrols of Afgan Evacuees in support of Operation Allies Welcome while working for Taylors International Services.  Information from Taylors International Services HR said Taylors employed no such person.

The interview could have probably resolved these questions, but the media’s inability to speak to Mr. Levitre left more questions than answers.

In his absence, it is not known who will be the acting director.  Mr. Levitre cannot appoint a temporary replacement or acting Director. Only the President has the authority to appoint an acting Director in the prolonged absence of a Director or vacancy.  President Whipps is currently in the Federated States of Micronesia for the inauguration of its new government.

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