Bureau of Public Safety suspended one of its CID investigators Lieutenant Jonie Ngeluk for posting “inappropriate comments” on social media, violating BPS rules by using unmarked BPS vehicles for personal use, and using BPB unmarked vehicle outside of the duty hours while intoxicated.

Lt. Ngeluk, based on the adverse action taken against her, is suspended for 3 days without pay.

In the notice of adverse action served to Lt. Ngeluk last Friday, July 10, 2020, it states that Ngeluk had violated Bureau of Public Service System (BPSS) Rules and Regulations and Bureau of Public Safety Regulations.

Cited incidents include posting an “inappropriate comment” on social media regarding the Office of Attorney General.  This referred to post from Ngeluk on April 10th which she said she was annoyed with Office of Attorney General and she will ask legal advice from Public Defender, her “new prosecutor’s team”.  The notice states that as a 20-year veteran of the police force she should be aware that if she had issues, to address them to her immediate supervisor.  In addition, the notice said that the proper use of social media at CID staff meetings have been discussed.

Other incidents include using an unmarked police vehicle for personal use to SLC Club on June 13 and 14 after working hours without authorization. In addition, the notice states that on the 14th of June, in early hours of the morning, Lt. Ngeluk was observed by other police officers in the unmarked vehicle with behavior indicating being under the influence of alcohol and playing loud music in the police vehicle.

Ngeluk was cited for violations of eight (8) BPSS regulation and six (6) BPS Regulations. 

Lt. Ngeluk is the 4th highest ranking female in the police force.  Attempts to contact Lt. Ngeluk via her Facebook Messenger for comments were not successful.

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