American Samoa’s Governor Lolo Moliga has informed leader of the  Polynesian Leaders Group  (PLG) that due to the measles outbreak in the Pacific, it’s prudent to postpone the PLG meeting that American Samoa was to host this month.

The governor wrote in a letter dates 19 December, 2019 lthat “there is great sensitivity that this health crisis may continue into January 2020 thus precipitating concern over the advisability of holding the Polynesian Leaders Group Summit…It is therefore deemed prudent to postpone the summit scheduled for 28-29 January until 14-16 April.”

This was the second postponement for the PLG Summit.  American Samoa was originally set to host the  Summit in July of last year however the governor asked Tuvalu to host it with ASG paying some of the expenses. He also pledged that American Samoa will still host the meeting in January 2020.

“I apologise vehemently for any inconvenience that this cancellation might cause,” wrote Governor Lolo, “but there is certainty that our common concern over the containment and preemption of the propagation of measles in the Pacific would engender support for this decision.”

He told the leaders American Samoa is “enthusiastically and excitedly looking forward to hosting the PLG summit and it is our fervent hope that this cancellation will not dampen your desire to honor us with your present in the 9th PLG continuation meeting.”

He added, “The measles outbreak should also give us cause to provide necessary attention to the protection of the health of our people from such contagious disease., said Governor Lolo Moliga.