On the evening of January 6, 2020 at around 6:00 pm, a sewer overflow was observed on the main road in front of Bank of Hawaii. PPUC Wastewater crews were notified and dispatched to the site immediately. They were able to clear the line by snaking it and discovered that grease and debris (gravel and sand) had clogged the pipe. At 7:00 pm, all lines were cleared and the overflow stopped. Crews continued to monitor the lines and manhole and there have been no signs of overflow at this area. Please call PPUC Customer Service at 488- 3870/72/77 to report any sewer overflow.

PPUC would like to REMIND the general public to be more careful when disposing fats, oils, and grease. When discarded down the drain, these substances eventually build up clogging the sewer lines and causing the system to overflow.

Avoid disposing grease in your kitchen sink or toilet bowl. Here are some tips to properly dispose cooking oil and grease:

  • Let the grease cool down and pour it into a glass jar or coffee can and toss it in the
  • Wipe small amount of cooking oil with a paper towel and dispose in the
  • Pour cooking oil directly into the trash can that already has waste such as paper towels, tissue, and food scraps.

In addition, please do not throw paper towels, feminine hygiene products, flushable wipes, or trash in the toilet. When entered in the sewer network, these products can accumulate and cause blockages or they may even find their way into the pump stations and cause pump failures.