Ministry of Health reports that the 3 identified positive COVID-19 and the 33 close contacts have been cleared after their Day 10 test results came in negative yesterday.  They have been cleared of all quarantine, isolation, and testing requirements.

MHHS also reported that 42 out of the 44 inbound travelers who came on the October 12th flight from Philippines, tested negative on their Day 5 tests and were released but MHHS also reported that 2 of the travelers from this group failed to show for the Day 5 tests and said that they are subject to $500 fine and/or up-to a year imprisonment.

According to sources, the 2 have been rescheduled for their tests.  President Whipps at last week’s press conference urged travelers to “do their part, their responsibilities” and take the necessary tests to ensure that everyone is safe. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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