Koror State Finance Director Kevin Chin confirmed that Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) did disconnect power to some of Koror State Government’s offices and facilities yesterday due to non-payment.

“It was due to an error, we missed the disconnection notice date,” expressed Mr. Chin.  He adamantly denied the rumors that payment check bounced.

PPUC confirmed that disconnection was due to non-payment but that power was restored quickly after the disconnection.

Since the passage of CROSS Act in 2020, PPUC and PNCC were prohibited from disconnecting services to customers due to non-payment.  Since CROSS Act expired on January 31, 2021, PPUC’s disconnection policy is back in effect. It can now disconnect customers for non-payment.

Chin said eight (8) facilities were affected, five (5) recreational areas and three (3) offices, one of which was Koror State Government main office.  Payment was issued immediately and power was restored according to Chin.

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