By: L.N. Reklai

Palau Public Utilities Corporation, the largest public enterprise, added 15 new employees to their employee roster last week.

The corporation in charge of the three major utilities, power, water and sewer, has been advertising for new employees.  The new employees include 2 cashiers, 3 meter readers, 1 customer service representative, 3 tree-trimmers, 1 water plant operator, 1 cash management budget officer, 1 streetlight line worker, 1 public relations officer and 1 human resource manager.


At a meeting with PPUC CEO Mr. Isechal, he stated that PPUC employs a wide range of skilled and qualified people in very different fields but these fields complement each other and their collective work is need in order to provide customers with quality utilities.

Furthermore, Mr. Isechal stressed that PPUC employees must take their work seriously because families and businesses all over Palau depends on PPUC to provide them with power, water, and wastewater on a daily basis.

Palau Public Utilities, formerly a power utility corporation acquired the two other utilities (water and sewer) from the government through a legislation during this 9th national government/ [/restrict]