The Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) conducted a Gender Equity Workshop to discuss the importance of gender in the infrastructure sector on July 11, 2019.

Participants included PPUC staff from each of the 10 departments.

Participants raised mutual views on barriers of women in the labor force including stigma, culture, fear and work conditions among others.

The group also discussed ways to change workplace norms such as education, trainings, raising awareness, and creating policies focusing on gender equality.

The workshop consisted of simple exercises to facilitate discussions on barriers of women in the labor force and how to overcome these barriers. The workshop was conducted by Sonia Chirgwin, a newly hired Environmental Safeguards/Gender Specialist for Egis Eau under Koror-Airai Sanitation Project (KASP).

In line with the global picture, PPUC’s current employment is made up of approximately 15% female with women now in non-traditional positions such as meter reading, auto mechanic, and engineering. In addition, there are women in leadership positions with one female in the Board of Directors and in the management e.g. Human Resource and Chief Financial Officer. (PR)