On  their second field survey on the projects for study on upgrading and maintenance of national power grid in the Republic of Palau

Koror, Palau (September 20, 2017)— The JICA Team spearheading the Project for Study and Upgrading and Maintenance of National Power Grid arrived on September 17, 2017 and had a kick-off meeting with the Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC). PPUC representatives at the meeting included Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kione J. Isechal, Electric Power Operation (EPO) managers and staff, Renewable Energy Division (RED), and other support staff. Mr. Tutii Chilton from the Palau Energy Administration was in attendance.


At the meeting, CEO Isechal made it clear to the JICA Team that the integration of Renewable Energy to the grid is a priority in order to reach the Republic’s goal of 45% power generation through Renewable Energy by 2025. CEO Isechal further explained that one of PPUC’s objectives is to replace one of the 5MW generators with efficient renewable energy sources.

The purpose of the JICA Team’s visit is to conduct a second field survey to gather useful data and information on the power demand forecast, power flow analysis, transmission and distribution systems, substation systems, economic/financial analysis, and environmental and social consideration. Since the survey involves a wide range of fields, CEO Isechal assigned PPUC’s young and hardworking employees to work as counterparts alongside the JICA Team to ensure the transfer of technical knowledge.

This National Grid Project will improve the operation and maintenance of the power grid, rehabilitate aged electrical hardware, construct new substations, and re-align the power poles in Babeldaob onto the Compact Road. #ppuc#nationalgridproject [/restrict]