Koror, Palau –Palau Conservation Society (PCS) is pleased to welcome US Embassy Science Fellow Catherine York.  Ms. York currently serves as an Environmental Engineer for the Water Protection Division of United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) in Atlanta, Georgia.  

[restrict]  Her work over the last seven years at the US EPA has included reviewing and completing water quality assessments in the southeastern US.  Prior to working at the US EPA, she has also worked as a consultant on site development projects which included developing stormwater pollution prevention plans and completing hydrology analyses to prevent sedimentation and erosion from construction sites.  The US EPA has graciously allowed York to take time away from her current position to serve as a fellow in Palau over the next two months.

The US Embassy Science Fellow program connects scientists and engineers from the United States to countries around the world and places them directly with partners that would benefit from their expertise.  At PCS, York will provide engineering consultation and research assistance for on-going projects including the “Reviving Traditional Taro Cultivation” project that has sites in Ngeremlengui, Melekeok, and Ngarchelong to address climate change adaption.

This is Catherine’s first visit to Palau.  She is eager to help and get to know the community.  Thank you for your assistance making her feel welcome. [/restrict]