On September 10, 2017, the members of Iglesia Ni Cristo, supported by Palau Red Cross Society and Belau National Hospital, held a successful blood drive.  A total of 16 pints of blood was collected and accepted into the Blood Bank.    

[restrict] The donated blood will be used to make a variety of different products, including Red cells and Platelets.  Most recipients of donated blood are given red cells to boost the oxygen-carrying abilities of their own blood.   Platelets  are needed for blood clotting.

The Palau Red Cross Society and the Belau National Hospital extend their sincerest and heartfelt appreciation to the Members of Iglesia Ni Cristo for their blood donation.

By donating blood the iron stores in the body are maintained at healthy levels. A reduction in the iron level in the body is linked with low cancer risk. Healthy Heart and Liver: Blood donation is beneficial in reducing the risk of heart and liver ailments caused by the iron overload in the body.

If you want to donate blood or be part of a blood drive, please call Palau Red Cross Society @ 488-5780.  [/restrict]