On September 15, 2017, the Palau Visitors Authority held one of the biggest and best Palauan Night Market at Ernguul Central Park. The theme of the night market was “Oldies but Goodies” held the crowd’s attention as the entertainment brought back the old music to mix it up with the new modern music. With 3,077 locals and 900 visitors stopping by, the audiences were entertained by live local singers Tamara, Hailey and Bayano and also a sneek peak into Tamara’s upcoming new album “TRES”, which was dedicated to her late mother who was one of Palau’s best singers.


Dances were performed by the Ngermid Dancers and the Junior Class of Mindszenty High School “Prominents”. A Special guest celebrity Mikey Bustos, a Filipino Canadian singer and comedian appeared in the crowd where he was welcomed by thousands of fans. Bustos is also singer and performer who travel the world, doing concerts and making fun videos/vlogs!   Bustos is known for his reality television show the “Canadian Idol” and also owns AntsCanada, an online shop that specializes in ant-keeping. Bustos commented on Facebook stating, “It was an incredible night market experience here in Palau! I met so many new friends! They said 2000 Palauans showed up and I felt so much love. The cultural dances moved me to tears and they let me dance with them. Palau, you are hard to beat!”  He also had the opportunity to learn the traditional way of thanking the dancers by giving out money “Sengk”.

Ernguul Park was packed with twenty-five vendors providing great local food, handicrafts, jewelry, and other international cuisines and snacks. Locals and tourists commented that this was one of the best night markets. In addition, many visitors enjoyed the unique food and the friendly service from the vendors, which made them love to return to Palau. The night markets were developed as a program to support small local businesses an opportunity to showcase and sell their products.

PVA welcomes the public and Palau’s visitors to join us on our next upcoming event which will be the “Independence Day Night Market” held on September 29, 2017 at Ernguul Central Park starting from 5pm till 9pm. If you are interested in joining the night markets please email us at pva@pristineparadisepalau.com or call 488-2793/1930. [/restrict]