This is a PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT by the Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC).

Please be advised that as part of the Water Supply Improvement Project, Tobishima, the Project contractor, will continue excavation of test pits within the alignment of Koror main and secondary roads. This work will begin on the following dates and at the listed areas below:


Dates: Sept. 11 – Sept. 16

Areas of Work:

  1. Koror Main Road – From the turn into Ngerkesoaol to

the Etpison Museum.

  1. Koror Secondary Road – From Maris Stella in Idid to

Ikelau and into Ngerbeched until the Desekel Mart


When the work begins there will be a constant presence of heavy equipment, machinery and personnel at the listed sites.

The Public and all Motorists are asked to exercise caution, drive slowly and to obey all traffic signs and controls. PPUC apologizes for the inconvenience and asks for your patience and understanding while this work to locate water lines is being done.

Please contact PPUC Customer Service should there be any questions regarding this announcement at 488-3870/3872.[/restrict]