Ms. Shenna Sengebau takes time off from school to intern at PICRC and explore her options of what she will study in college.  Shenna is the daughter of Joseph Evence Sengebau and Veronica Sengebau from Ngaraard and Peliliu. She graduated from Mindzenty High School in 2015 and attended Palau Community College (PCC) for a year. Shenna says, “I’m taking a break from college, and using this time to learn and experience different areas that I may be interested in and pursue in my future educational plans.”


For the first part of her gap year, Shenna has decided to intern at Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC). She has heard many great things about PICRC from reading the newspaper and talking to others who have interned at PICRC before. During her time at PICRC, Shenna will work with the Aquarists and the Research Department to enhance her understanding of Palau’s marine environment and marine science. This opportunity will give her the chance to expand her knowledge about the marine sciences and gain experience in this particular field. PICRC will host Shenna for two months, from August 30 thru October 30, 2016.

Taking a gap year is increasingly becoming a trend that many young high school students are pursuing. It is a great opportunity for high school graduates, who have no concrete idea on what to study in college, to take some time off and explore the many career and studies options they have. Gaining knowledge and practical experience is value added to the student as well as a college admissions application. [/restrict]