Palau National Scholarship Board has been administering the Speaker Tadao Ngotel Scholarship since 2005.  Former Speaker of Ngarchelong, Mr. Tadao Ngotel began his private scholarship in hopes of helping Ngarchelong students achieve their goals of higher education.  

[restrict] This is the twelfth year of the Speaker Tadao Ngotel Scholarship which is one of the private scholarship programs administered by Palau National Scholarship Board.  It is a one-time award of $500.00 to a student of Ngarchelong citizenship, just graduated from high school and plans to enroll or is enrolled in college. A student must maintain a cumulative gpa of at least 3.0.

In the event that any of the applicants had attended Ngarchelong Elementary School (NES), he/she is given priority consideration. The Speaker Tadao Ngotel Scholarship for this school year 2016-2017 was awarded to Ms. Klumch Tangelbad, a graduate from Xavier High School and who is now pursuing her bachelor degree in communications at Regis University in Colorado.  She is the daughter of Mr. Roland Tangelbad and Mrs. Lucy August Tangelbad.

Mr. Ngotel strongly supports higher education and plans to continue this scholarship for as long as he can. [/restrict]