The Independent Power Producer bid issued out by Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) last year for a renewable solar energy producer is now under the PPUC Board review. With assistance of Asian Development Bank expertise and NREL, PPUC had selected a bidder and have been negotiating with the company since May on Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).
In April, PPUC selected top three bidders out of thirteen (13) original bidders. The three finalists were METKA ENG (Cyprus based company), ENGIE (a France based company) and SOLAR PHILIPPINES, all huge multinational solar power producing corporations.
The name of the finalist has not been revealed by PPUC but reliable sources say that SOLAR PHILIPPINES was selected.
PPUC’s technical team along with expert support of ADB and NREL have been negotiating the terms of the PPA and the final draft has been transmitted to the Board of PPUC for review.
If PPUC Board approve it, it will be sent to Palau Energy Agency for their final approval. PEA has 60 days to approve the PPA and during that time will solicit response from OEK.
After its final approval, PPUC will proceed with the contract. Should all this happen with no glitch, PPUC expects to implement the contract by January of 2021, according to Mr. Anthony Rudimch of PPUC.
This IPP bid is for a 20MWp solar generation, unlike the earlier proposed 35MWp. “This is what the current grid can handle at this time,” stated CEO Greg Decherong in previous interview with Island Times.

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