Wednesday October 05, 2016- Just before midnight of Wednesday evening an unscheduled power outage occurred, affecting all of Babeldaob and a large portion of Koror State. The unscheduled power lasted a little over an hour and by 1:00am power was restored for all affected areas. The main power transmission line from the Aimeliik Power Plant to Koror had tripped, disrupting the running generators in Aimeliik and consequently overloading the capacity of the Malakal Power Plant generators, causing the power outage.


The Power Distribution On-Call Response teams spent the next hour investigating the cause of the main power line tripping. The On-Call Response teams had to visually verify that no obstructions, such as tree limbs and animals, were touching or affecting the power lines before restoring power service to the affected areas. Crews reported that the most likely cause of tripping was something transient, such as an animal or tree branch briefly contacting the power transmission line and moving away. Crews conducted further investigations this afternoon to determine the exact cause of the outage and to make the necessary repairs and adjustments to power pole hardware and power lines if required.

The unscheduled power outage coincidently occurred during a schedule water outage for Koror and Airai and we apologize for the disruption to services and any confusion the outages may have caused. Thank you and please report any disruptions of services, 24 hours a day, to 488-3870 or 3872. [/restrict]