On January 4, 2018, President Tommy E. Remengesau, Jr. along with Vice President Raynold Oiluch, and PICRC board members unveiled a new interactive display at the Palau Aquarium highlighting Palau’s conservation milestones and the Palau National Marine Sanctuary (PNMS). 


In 2015, the Palau National Marine Sanctuary was signed into law.  This initiative is monumental in world conservation. The PNMS will be the world’s sixth largest sanctuary and is expected to preserve not only Palau’s marine resources, but also the world’s tuna stocks.

To honor this significant landmark in Palau’s history, Palau Aquarium has added a new exhibit. This new interactive exhibit highlights the PNMS and conservation milestones leading up to its establishment.  The display includes a rotating timeline with 12 photos representing conservation initiatives in Palau starting from 1956 with the establishment of Ngerukewid Islands Wildlife Preserve.

Palau has a rich history of conservation. The PNMS is an ambitious plan that will require cooperation and strong partnerships, but protecting our oceans is no longer a choice. In order to defend our way of life, we have to begin by defending our oceans.

Visit the Palau Aquarium today and learn more about the rich history of conservation in Palau and our islands unique underwater world. [/restrict]