The Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) would like to apologize to the public for the prolonged power outage early Monday morning April 13, 2020 from 12:00 midnight to 6:00am. When power turned off, cellular and landline services were disrupted causing a delay in communication between the Aimeliik Power Plant (APP) operators and linemen standby crew. APP operators contacted the police station for assistance in relaying message to the standby crew about the power outage. Linemen received messaged and started to troubleshoot by tracing the power lines to investigate cause of outage. Crews found that the static line before Tebadel in Aimeliik had broken off and fallen due to corrosion. They called for additional help and transported bucket truck and materials to the site. Repairs started immediately. Once completed, crews returned to the Load Break Switch (LBS) at Black Micro and closed the switch to restore power to affected areas.

PPUC also apologizes to the customers who were trying to call to report the outage but to no success as the cellular services and land lines were down when power turned off.

As of release, Ngeremlengui State remains with NO POWER due to the failure of one of the transformer which needs immediate replacement. PPUC crews are working hard to replace the failed transformer and return services as soon as possible.

If you experience power interruptions in your area, please contact the PPUC Customer Service at 488- 3870 or 3872.  Mesulang.