Launched on World Oceans Day

Celebrating World Oceans Day yesterday, the Marine Spatial Planning Executive Committee with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, in partnership with Palau Visitors Authority and agencies and NGOs that have oceans as part of their mandate, launched the theme of Palau’s Marine Spatial Planning, “Protect Palau’s Oceans, Provide for Our People.”

Palau Marine Spatial Planning, a comprehensive study of Palau’s exclusive economic zone, authorized under the RPPL 11-23, to be conducted over a three-year period to provide “recommendations for a balanced approach to conservation and sustainable use of Palau’s pristine marine resources,” as stated under Executive Order No. 476.

“The Palau Marine Spatial Planning theme came about after extensive consultation with all the stakeholders,” said Lukes Isechal, MSP Coordinator, emphasizing the objective of the marine spatial planning.

The celebration held at Ernguul Park brought together agencies and stakeholders to showcase their programs, conducting oceans awareness with games and presentations.  The presentations featured specific aspects of the marine environment, including Marine Spatial Planning work that has been done, such as mapping the seafloor around the Palau archipelago and naming the sea mounts and undersea ridges.

The event highlighted the unique cookoff competition titled Sea to Cuisine, featuring seafood dishes using pelagic fish.

Like other night markets, it featured food vendors, local crafts, and performing arts such as dances and music.

The Presidential Proclamation No 23-349 not only proclaimed and affirmed Palau’s commitment to ocean stewardship with the celebration of June 8, World Oceans Day, but it also declared the next 30 days (June 8 to July 9) as Ocean Month in Palau and urged everyone to do their part to “amplify our aspiration to protect and sustainably use our ocean resources.”

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