On January 14, 2022, Palau Conservation Society (PCS) received a donation of $1,800 from long-time partner, Palau Royal Resort (PRR). Pictured is PCS Executive Director Michelle Ngirutang receiving the donation from PRR General Manager Mr. Yoshinara Fujii.

Navigating dangerous waters in world that is constantly changing, Palau continues to endure the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the uncertain circumstances, Corporate Partners for Conservation like PRR continue to show their dedication in support for the importance of environmental conservation.

Our Corporate Partners for Conservation understand the value of environmental protection and how it affects all of the people in the community. The PCS Board of Directors and staff are grateful to PRR for their continued annual support towards environmental conservation. Any company or interested individuals wishing to contribute is encouraged to contact Ms. Michelle Ngirutang at 488-3993, via email at admin@palauconservation.org, or through our Facebook page @pcspalau.

Kom kmal mesulang!

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