The Angaur Male’s Health Evolution Derby launched off on Saturday, August 15, with fishermen across Palau setting out from Koror’s Dropoff Bar&Grill and Angaur. The derby, a collaboration between the Palau Sports Fishing Association (PSFA) and the Ministry of Health, aims to provide fishermen in Palau the chance to hone their pelagic-fishing skills.

The derby prize-winners were divided into three categories: marlin, ten biggest fish (barracuda, wahoo, tuna, and Spanish mackerel), and five biggest desui.

23 fishing teams participated in the derby.

The winner of the $1,000 First Place Prize for the ten biggest fish category was Team Prosperity, captained by Hadley Renguul, with a total weight of 121.5 lbs. In Second Place, awarded $800, was Team Di Mekokil, captained by Besechel Kiueluul, who brought in 41 lbs.

The winner of the $500 First Place Prize for the five biggest desui category was John Lewis, with a cumulative weight of 28 lbs. In Second Place, awarded $300, was Gene Lorsen, whose catch

totaled 22.5 lbs. In Third Place, awared $200, was Rafael Johnathan, with a total catch of 17 lbs.

There was no winner for the marlin category.

The PSFA expressed its gratitude to Mr. Alan Seid, Delegate Jonathan “Cio” Isechal, Family Surgical Clinic, and the Ministry of Health for their donations, as well as Angaur State and the Angaur State volunteers and UAB members for their work.

This was Male’s Health’s second fishing derby of 2020, with the next set to be held in Kayangel State.

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