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Palau Telecom is selling the PT WAVE $2, $3 Wi-Fi voucher at $1 and $2.50 if bought in 10 pieces and 20 pieces when purchased from the main office at Malakal.

The accountant Sheilaa Quidlat revealed that the customers have an option to buy 10 cards of three-hours at $1 instead of $2 when bought from the main office.

This option is also valid on the voucher that offers unlimited internet for three days. A customer can buy 20 vouchers of three day unlimited for $2.50 when bought directly from the main office directly instead of spending $3.

Quidlat, however, said that there are currently retailers who are availing this facility as not a lot of end customers are aware of it or perhaps don’t find it economical.

The three-day Wifi voucher that Palau Telecom launched last year has been the top selling voucher of the company which has reduced the sale of the three-hour card and hence stopped the production since last year.

Even though the three-hour card that costs $2 is still in the market, the production of it is at halt as the three-day unlimited have taken over it, according to Palau Telecom accountant Sheilaa Quidlat.

The difference three-day card costs $3 and lasts for three continuous day regardless of usage while the $2 card provides three-hours but the usage of three-hours depends on the user and can last for about a week if economical.

“There are plenty of three-hour cards from the previous production and we are thinking what to do with it. There are still some who buy it.” Quidlat said.

Palau Telecom owner and founder Sam Masang has expressed his gratitude towards President Remengesau for passing a bill that has facilitated a smooth coordination between Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) and Palau Telecom.

The company has currently collaborated with PNCC which has given the customers the facility to connect with the PNCC customers that wasn’t available before. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)