On hand to formalize the partnership were PTFA President Uchel Tmetuchl, Vice President Ngoakl Soaladaob, Secretary Peoria Koshiba, Treasurer Marcy Andrew, Technical Official Charley Ellis, Athlete Representative Emmanuel Adaba, SOS Vice Chairman Tatsuo Adachi, Treasurer Oscar Bechesrrak, Secretary King M. Sam, SOS Directors Jason Nolan, Starsky Masang, Alan Marbou and Kumangai Maech.

March 21 – The Sons of Sureor (SOS) organization established a key partnership with the Palau Track & Field Association (PTFA) aimed at fostering the growth of youth in the community through the PTFA development programs.  The PTFA and SOS both recognize the importance of utilizing the active coaching and mentoring opportunities provided by the PTFA as platforms to engage in valuable activities that equip and strengthen the youth with additional tools and experiences to improve their overall development.

These efforts are made possible through a grant from the Republic of China and the Palau Small Grant Program for, A Kot a Rechad er Belau – Ensuring Our Safety and Security.

The Sons of Sureor is a non-profit organization that aims to create more opportunities for the youth and members of the community.  The organization recognizes the importance of involving traditional leaders, government agencies and other organizations and look forward to building strong partnerships and growing its membership.

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