The Bureau of Public Health is informing all food and beverage establishments, food handlers and vendors and the public that starting February 15, 2017, all food safety workshops will no longer be conducted in Meyuns, Koror and will only be conducted at the new Public Health Office at the capitol building in Ngerulmud, Melekeok.


However, the process and requirements for obtaining food handler permits will remain and continue with the same arrangement on its scheduling. Anyone who is interested in obtaining or renewing their food handler’s permit should present a valid health certificate and pay a $20 fee upon registration.

For more information and registration to obtain a Food Handler’s Permit, contact the Bureau of Public Health at 488-6210. Thank you.



The Bureau of Public Health is informing the public that on February 15, 2017, all Public Health offices in Meyuns (Old President’s Office) will be relocated to the capitol building in Ngerulmud and other sites in Koror.

Programs and offices that will be relocated to Ngerulmud include the Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Unit; Immunization Program; Behavioral Health Administration Office; and the Food Safety Workshop.

Other offices that will remain in Koror include the Communicable Disease Unit (CDU)’s Administration Office that will be situated at the IA Building in Medalaii, and the Public Health Epi Office, which will be relocated to Palau Community College. All other Public Health clinics; as well as hospital and Community Health Center services will not be affected by this move.

As such, due to the relocation of the said offices, the public is also advised of possible disruptions to the Bureau’s main telephone lines while they are being transferred to the new locations.

The Bureau of Public Health apologizes for any inconvenience caused due to the relocation and appreciates the public’s understanding.

For more information contact the Bureau of Public Health at 488-2212 or 488-1360. Thank you.

NEMO Public announcement

Due to the current weather and marine conditions, the National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) is issuing a Small Craft Warning for the state of Angaur and Kayangel and outside the reefs. Travel to these astute and area is strictly prohibited at this time.

Furthermore, the Small Craft Advisory is hereby issued to the remaining states in the Republic of Palau.

Water conditions at Angaur and Kayangel States and areas outside the reef are relatively rough at this time and therefore, travel to these areas is prohibited. This advice requests that ALL sea bound boaters take all precautionary measures and observe all marine safety regulations.

If you are traveling by boat to any destination and water conditions are too rough Do Not proceed to these areas. [/restrict]