A public bus transport system is being launched, with the first trial run on May 25th, reported Minister of Education Dale Jenkins.

Due to the rising cost of fuel and its impact on people’s transportation costs, the government is putting into service a public bus transport system.

With two 24-seater buses from Our Ocean Conference available, the government has decided to put these into service and provide public transportation around Babeldaob and Koror.

According to Minister Jenkins, the two buses will have circular routes serving Melekeok to Koror.  The bus will start from Ngiwal, Melekeok, Ngchesar, the capital, cutting across Babeldaob to Ngatpang, Aimeliik, Airai, and then Koror, ending its route at the President’s Office in Meyuns with different stops along the way.

The buses then go back from Meyuns (President’s Office), with stops along the way, on to Topside, then Airai KB Shell, then on to Airport, Oikull, and back up the east side of Babeldaob.

The bus service starts at 7:30 am. The May 25th date will be the test run and after that, Minister Jenkins said the government will look for ways to make it financially viable.

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