On December 8, 2020 marked the first day of the Local Governance Strengthening Project Public Finance Management (PFM) 1 on 1 with the 10th Ngeremlengui State Government and the Office of the Public Auditor at Palasia Hotel, Palau. The PFM 1 on 1 is an in-depth interactive workshop on state government’s public finance conducted by the Office of the Public Auditor facilitated by the Bureau of Domestic Affairs, Ministry of State made possible through the UNDP/MOS Local Governance Strengthening Project.

The aim of the 1on1 PFM is to allow the Auditor the opportunity to conduct an in-depth interactive workshop with the 10th Ngeremlengui State Government to raise awareness and understanding on public finance management and system in the context of current Procurement Law as well as the State Government Audit Regulations. In addition, the Workshop is meant to initiate and commence the drafting of what will be Ngeremlengui State Government’s first Public Finance Management Standard Operating Procedures (PFM SOP) on all public assets, including the Coop Program, PAN, land lease and all other state government financial transactions. Following the 2days in-depth workshop, the BDA will continue the collaborative efforts to facilitate the PFM SOP drafting work with the Office of the Public Auditor and Ngeremlengui State Government. The 1 on 1 PFM activity is a 2-days interactive workshop which covers various topics such as Good Governance, Records Management, Public Finance Management, Financial Management System, State Government PFM Standard Operating Procedures, Ngeremlengui State Fiscal Year Budget Law, and Human Resources Management.

Participants of the 2-day workshop consists of the Office of the Governor, Chairman of the Committee on Ways & Means, Legislature members, PAN Ngeremlengui State Government key finance personnel, Office of the Auditor, Bureau of Domestic Affairs and the LGSP implementing team.

The 2-day Workshop is one of the expected outcome results of the Local Governance Strengthening Project which is a joint partnership and co-funded by the United Nations Development Program and the Government of the Republic of Palau with the aim of strengthening local governance and to increase community understanding and engagement in the governance system.

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